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A Mile in My Shoes

Step - quite literally - into the shoes of another

Spuiplein Schoenendoos
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A Mile in My Shoes - Winternachten 2022 - fotograaf: Empathy Museum
A Mile in My Shoes - Winternachten 2022 - fotograaf: Empathy Museum

Come to our "shoebox" on the Spuiplein in The Hague, choose a pair of shoes in your size, and let yourself be surprised by the accompanying story! Walk a mile (about ten minutes) in the shoes of a fellow citizen of The Hague or from another city while you listen to his or her story via headphones. The stories are about hearth and home - they can be special Hague stories or a story about (not) feeling at home in the world, in your street, or in your own body.

A Mile in My Shoes is a unique art project about empathy by British artist Clare Patey (Empathy Museum). The shoebox is travelling around the world to give people the chance to walk "in someone else's shoes." For the Dutch premiere of this international hit, thirty brand-new Dutch-language and mostly Hague-related stories have been added to the collection in recent weeks. The project is a brilliant way to research how storytelling changes personal relationships and how the power of empathy helps remove prejudice and conflict. Because if you know someone else's story, how can you still reject them?

Come walk for ten minutes and listen to these special stories! Participation is free - no ticket or reservation necessary. English-language stories are also available. Please note: A Mile in My Shoes can get busy at times, so we are welcoming visitors during the day, as of noon. You can check the full schedule below. You will find the big shoebox on Spuiplein by Amare in Den Haag. Take public transit or come by bike (free Biesieklette-parking under City Hall).

The stories from The Hague were collected and recorded by: Alma Apt, Lex Bohlmeijer, Annemarie de Bruijn, Lotte van Gaalen, Hasan Gök, Meltem Halaceli, Gerlinda Heywegen, Fleur Jeras, Joëlle Koorneef, Shantie Singh and Ellen Walraven.

A collaboration with De Betovering
Festival De Betovering heard about the "shoebox" and liked the idea so much that they joined in. They made it possible that stories of children between eight and sixteen years of age can also be heard (and walked).

Opening hours of A Mile in My Shoes Shoeshop Spuiplein
Thursday 9 June through Wednesday 15 June: 12:00-18:00 hrs.
Thursday 16 June through Saturday 18 June: 12:00-20:30 hrs.
Sunday 19 June: 12.00-18:00 hrs.

A Mile in My Shoes will move to the Zuiderparktheater on 20 June. So if you missed your chance on the Spuiplein, you can still catch it there between 22 June and 17 July.

Opening hours A Mile in My Shoes in Zuiderparktheater:
22 June - 17 July Wednesday afternoons and in the weekend*
Wednesdays: 13:00-16:00 hrs
Saturdays and Sundays: 12:00-16:00 hrs.

*Closed on Sunday 26 June.