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Canan Marasligil

Canan Marasligil
Canan Marasligil

(1979) is a writer, literary translator, publisher, podcast maker and curator. She works in English, French, Turkish, Dutch and sometimes Spanish, in the Netherlands and abroad. She has translated works by, among others, the Kurdish poet Bejan Matur and the Turkish author Perihan Mağden. Canan is committed to greater diversity in the arts and is interested in challenging official discourse and fighting for free speech worldwide, through a range of creative projects and activities, from literature to films and comics.

(WU 2021)

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  • Chris Keulemans - Gastvrijheid

    Chris Keulemans - gastvrijheid

    With: Canan Marasligil, Chris Keulemans, Mira Feticu

    We cordially invited you to discuss hospitality and the 12 rules from his eponymous book with Chris Keulemans yourself this December afternoon. We were curious what your definition of hospitality is and enjoyed to exchange thoughts about this in Studio B.

    Dutch spoken.
    Event curated by Fleur Jeras (Writers Unlimited)
    Books for sale courtesy of De Vries Van Stockum Books

    Please note!

    • It is mandatory to show an identity card and a corona admission ticket at the entrance.
    • The corona admission ticket is mandatory for adults and children older than 13 years.
    • There is a maximum occupancy in Studio B, Central Library.
    • When entering the Central Library, wearing a face mask is mandatory. This can be taken off again when you take your seat in the venue.
    • In the event of cancellation due to corona complaints, we return the purchase amount.