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Raoul de Jong

Raoul de Jong - foto Stephan Vanfleteren
Raoul de Jong - foto Stephan Vanfleteren

(Netherlands, 1984) travelled through West Africa for four months at age 19, survived for four months in New York with 50 dollars in his pocket, and walked from Rotterdam to Marseille on behalf of his dog. He wrote columns, articles and other pieces for various Dutch newspapers and magazines. Among his published novels are Het leven is verschrikkulluk (Life is Terrible, 2005), It's Amaaazing (2006), Miracoloso (2008), De grootsheid van het al (The Greatness of it All, 2013), Dagboek van een puber (Diary of a Teen, 2018) and Jaguarman; Mijn vader, zijn vader en andere Surinaamse helden (Jaguar Man: My father, his father and other Surinamese heroes, 2020).

(WN 2021)

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