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Zawdie Sandvliet

Zawdie Sandvliet
Zawdie Sandvliet

is a social studies lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He also teaches Afro-Dutch studies at the University of Amsterdam and at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In search of knowledge about the history of Dutch involvement in the system of slavery and trade in enslaved Africans, Sandvliet began studying African American Studies at Boston University with a Fulbright Scholarship. Upon returning to the Netherlands, he took the initiative to set up an Afro-Dutch studies course within the University of Amsterdam. This course is decolonial, interdisciplinary, and focuses on the history and contemporary reality of Afro-Dutch people. As a trainer of teachers and through these Afro-Dutch Studies, Zawdie tries to realize educational equality within class, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and gender. In his free time, Zawdie enjoys reading, longboarding, sports and vegan cooking.

(WN 2022)

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  • Winternachten 2022 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Neverending Stories

    Book-focused talk show by ROSE Stories with Neske Beks, Sayonara Stutgard and Zawdie Sandvliet. Host: Rachida Lamrabet

    In this episode of the book-focused feminist talk show, Neverending Stories, Rachida Lamrabet talked with Neske Beks, Sayonara Stutgard and Zawdie Sandvliet about racism in Dutch society.

    We discussed how certain groups are systematically excluded, about the colonial past, and about what must change urgently. The starting point was writer Neske Beks' Echo, a collection of essays, letters and speeches that show how systematic the failure to see and hear is.

    Writer Sayonara Stutgard and historian Zawdie Sandvliet also joined the fray. Together they delved into the Echo volume and built bridges between black and white, talked about the importance of Toni Morrison's work, and let the black female voice sound loudly and clearly.

    Neverending Stories is the barrier-breaking, inclusive talk show by ROSE Stories. It's a show for a new, culturally diverse public, not just from the Netherlands but also Belgium and the Dutch Antilles. The show discusses recently published books that bring fresh perspectives to themes relevant to a super-diverse society. It focuses on the stories of bicultural writers and female writers in particular, as an answer to the very topical social-ethnic and societal need for authentic stories told from the inside that contribute to a better representation of society.

    Neverending Stories was an initiative of ROSE Stories in collaboration with deBuren, Writers Unlimited and Watershed, and was made possible with the help of Literature Flanders, the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund, 21 Fund and the Dutch Literary Fund.

    Dutch spoken.