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Shantie Singh

Shantie Singh - foto Patricia Borger
Shantie Singh - foto Patricia Borger

(1982) debuted in 2014 with Vervoering (Rapture), a family chronicle of four generations of Hindustanis. In 1912, 18-year-old Ramdew Rajput, scion of a high-caste Indian clan, travels by ship from India to Suriname, where he ends up as a labourer on a sugar plantation. Despite widespread repression, the overseers cannot knuckle under this stubborn and charismatic young man. He becomes a man of standing in the Hindustani community, the patriarch of generations of special folk who hold fast to their dreams, family ties, and stories. Her second book, De kier (The Crack, 2020) is both an engaged novel and love story. The storyline focuses on Uma, a young civil servant in Rotterdam who wants to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable women invisible to the outside world. Singh studied at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the city in which she lives and works as a public administrator. She has written for magazines and newspaper such as Trouw,, De Volkskrant, Contrast, Wereldjournalisten, and OHM Magazine. Singh is part of the writers' collective Fixdit, which aims to raise awareness of gender inequality in literature and expand the literary canon with work by important female authors.

(WN 2022)

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  • Winternachten 2023

    All the World's Excuses

    With: Angel ArunA, Astrid H. Roemer, Chika Unigwe, David Diop, Neske Beks, Radna Fabias, Rakesh Autar, Sarita Bajnath, Shantie Singh

    In All the World's Excuses, prominent international authors Chika Unigwe and David Diop talk about global traces of slavery and how they permeate our current society and literature. They address (post)colonialism, migration and identity formation. And of course they will read from their own work. This event is in English; translations of non-English readings will be projected on a screen.

    Connecting Stories — the Dutch-language afternoon programme of this Winternachten festival day — focuses on the significance of 150 years of abolition of slavery in Surinam. But the history of slavery, apartheid and colonialism has also left deep traces outside of Surinam and the Netherlands. There too, many stories went unheard, were suppressed or were rendered invisible for a long time. Thanks to the talent and work of many authors, these stories have since found a home in world literature. Through this literature, the weight of this history and the importance of sharing these stories is made palpable.

    All the World's Excuses asks questions about how stories about slavery and its abolition have taken their place in our collective memory, and about what authors pass on to young people searching for their (invisible) story and identity in the country where they were born.

    Bookstore De Vries van Stockum will be present in the lobby with a stand offering books by participating authors of this programme, among others — including signing opportunities!

    This programme has been curated by Shantie Singh, author of a.o. the novels Vervoering (2014) and De kier (2020).

  • Winternachten 2023

    Verhalen die verbinden (Connecting Stories)

    With: Angel ArunA, Astrid H. Roemer, Babs Gons, Daphne Huisden, Rakesh Autar, Rihana Jamaludin, Sarita Bajnath, Shantie Singh, Tessa Leuwsha

    Dark, forgotten and forbidden pages: it is taking a long time for the colonial history of the Netherlands to penetrate our collective memory. But history has many forms of transmitting lore, of which stories are the most powerful. They are passed from one continent to another, from generation to generation. And then, with great imagination and creativity, they are recorded in literature, music and language. In this way, the stories come to belong to everyone. This event is in Dutch.

    The Winternachten festival afternoon programme Verhalen die verbinden (Connecting Stories) explores Dutch colonial history in our literature, language and music. Contemporary writers honour great predecessors of Caribbean literature. Prominent Surinamese authors Astrid H. Roemer and Tessa Leuwsha talk about the significance of 150 years of abolition of slavery for them, their country, their relatives and their books.

    Following the talks and performances in Zaal 1, a short programme in the theatre lobby will show the diversity of Dutch identity, inextricably linked to colonial history and other continents. In mini-lectures, authors talk about other authors who, through their stories and imaginations, have shaped this history in their books. We listen to talented new voices, reflecting in particular on how this history reflects in the present. Moderator will be Sarita Bajnath.

    Bookstore De Vries van Stockum will be present in the lobby with a stand offering books by participating authors of this programme, among others — including signing opportunities!

    This programme has been curated by Shantie Singh, author of a.o. the novels Vervoering (2014) and De kier (2020).

    In the evening, as of 19:30h, the festival day continues with the English-language evening event All the World's Excuses. In it, prominent international authors talk about global traces of colonialism and slavery, and how they permeate our current society and literature.

  • Optimistische woede

    Optimistische woede (Optimistical Anger)

    With: Annelies Verbeke, Christine Otten, Jannah Loontjens, Manon Uphoff, Rachida Lamrabet, Sanneke van Hassel, Shantie Singh

    In this Writers Series programme, writers' collective Fixdit, in collaboration with Writers Unlimited, celebrated the publication of the Fixdit manifesto Optimistische woede: fix het seksisme in de literatuur (Optimistic Rage: fix sexism in literature), a publication of De Geus, at Theater aan het Spui in The Hague.

    Optimistic rage
    Many people openly admit to barely reading books by women. Reading lists in schools are dominated by books by (white straight) men. Women win fewer literary prizes than men. Is that a bad thing? Yes, because it reflects and shapes relations in society.

    Eleven female writers are outraged by the unequal position of women in the arts, and united in the collective Fixdit. From alliance, they fight for change, in the literary world and in the canon. In the eleven pieces of this manifesto, they explore the problem in depth. Furious, combative, and above all: optimistic.

    No fewer than eight of the eleven Fixdit authors read from their contributions to their joint manifesto: Sanneke van Hassel, Rachida Lamrabet, Jannah Loontjens, Christine Otten, Shantie Singh, Fleur Speet, Manon Uphoff and Annelies Verbeke. You probably read their books and met them in previous Writers Series programmes or at the Winternachten festival.

    The programme in Zaal 1 opened and closed with parts from Gregory Shaggy's urban dance performance (Y)our eyes only about the reality of young black men in Western society. With their own dreams, goals and talents, they try to make a name for themselves in a world where prejudice, racism, inequality and distorted images in the media are unfortunately still among today's problems. The men want to search for their own truths. They try to face personal blockages in order to ultimately follow their dreams.

    After the programme, we celebrated the book launch with bubbles and book signing at De Vries Van Stockum Boeken's book sales stand in the foyer. This book launch marked the start of a Fixdit tour along bookshops and literary venues throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

    Fixdit consists of Yra van Dijk, Sanneke van Hassel, Rachida Lamrabet, Jannah Loontjens, Munganyende Hélène Christelle, Christine Otten, Gaea Schoeters, Shantie Singh, Fleur Speet, Manon Uphoff and Annelies Verbeke.

  • Winternachten 2022 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Home & Violence

    With Manon Uphoff, Shantie Singh, Sanneke van Hassel, Raoul de Jong, Müesser Yeniay, Margijn Bosch & Meltem Halaceli
    For whom is home actually home? What if your safest place isn't safe at all? Why does "domestic violence" sound like something "domestic" or even cozy? The theme Whose House is This? also requires us to discuss human violence within walls, war and peace under our own roofs, the unsafe interior world that so often remains hiden. Domestic violence, especially against women, is not a matter of isolated incidents but a societal problem. Or, like Manon Uphoff said in an interview: "They are shards that together form a mirror into which society needs to look."

    What does literature tell us about this great theme? We invited you to an initial exploration, a collage of literary texts about domestic violence. Manon Uphoff, Iris van Vliet, Shantie Singh and Sanneke van Hassel of the writers' collective Fixdit, together with Meltem Halaceli and Ellen Walraven of Winternachten, collected a large number of literary excerpts for this event.

    Writers Manon Uphoff, Sanneke van Hassel, Shantie Singh, Raoul de Jong, Müesser Yeniay, Meltem Halaceli and actor Margijn Bosch read these excerpts in an intimate setting, close to the public. We read works by and sometimes also with the actual authors:
    Elif Shafak, Manon Uphoff, Shantie Singh, Margaret Atwood, Rebecca Solnit, Alice Munro, Astrid Roemer, Philip Huff, A.M. Homes, Müesser Yeniay, Ronelda Kamfer and many more. And yes, this could be painful and confrontational. But this topic deserved a literary investigation and probe. What is going on in the various rooms of ever-changing houses in which it is not safe?

    Dutch spoken.

  • Winternachten 2015 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Dancing into Saturday Night

    Dancing into the night with DJ Socrates. His incendiary Afro Beat and Tropical Funk, Reggae, sultry Cumbia grooves, and a dash of Electro Swing add up to a musical feast.

  • Winternachten 2015 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    New Talent in the House!

    Five powerful new female stars in the literary firmament talk about their ultimate sense of being at home in specially written commentaries. Much-discussed debutante Nina Polak and her up-and-coming colleagues Bregje Hofstede, Mira Feticu, Roos van Rijswijk, and Shantie Singh appear in a varied program. Presented by Simone van Saarloos. In Dutch.