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Elfie Tromp

Elfie Tromp
Elfie Tromp

(Netherlands, 1985) is a writer, presenter and performer. Following on her debut novel Goeroe (Guru, 2013), Underdog (2016) was nominated for the BNG Literature Prize and the Dioraphte Literature Prize. Her poetry debut Victorieverdriet (Victory Sadness) was published in 2017. Her most recent novel Pieta (2021) is a compelling mosaic-style story about a city under pressure. Tromp has written for various Dutch magazines and newspapers. She can also be found on stage, appearing in her own productions, including Monster Love Play and the musical-theatre horror show Niet vandaag Satan (maar wel vanavond) (Not Today, Satan, but Tonight Is Okay). On Instagram, she presents the weekly Dichter in Drag (Poet in Drag) show, where poetry and glitter, poets and drag queens meet for a half hour of reading and make-up.

(WN 2022)

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  • Winternachten 2022

    Haagse Hogeschool x Winternachten

    With: Elfie Tromp

    Elfie Tromp is an all-rounder: she acts, hosts, dances, sings, and writes poetry and novels. Pietà is her third book. In it, Tromp combines current social issues with a compelling and exciting story about civic history under pressure. Protagonist Joshua (21) does little: he climbs into a statue and won't come out again. The colossal monument honours a controversial general. It is decided to remove it. Yet some people want it to remain at any cost. When the city begins the removal, the latter form a cordon around it. And then, suddenly, a boy climbs into the statue and remains there for days. Who is he? What does he want? And above all, when will he come down again? While the mayor, the media, the mother and the protesters try to respond appropriately to this strange new development, their various relationships come under strain.

    Haagse Hogeschool students Matthijs Damsteeg and Sjaiesta Jahangier interviewed Tromp about this novel on 16 June 2022. Students and other visitors were very welcome to listen and discuss the social themes raised by the novel. The interview took place in the Speakers' Corner of the Haagse Hogeschool. Entry was free, but you had to reserve your spot. Dutch spoken.

  • Winternachten 2022 – Friday Night Unlimited

    This House is Haunted

    Magnificent literary nightmares from Latin America - with Pola Oloixarac, Agustina Bazterrica, Yentl van Stokkum & Elfie Tromp (moderator)

    Dreamy jungle villages, the mysterious mazes of Borges and the tender poetry of Pablo Neruda - that is how we know "traditional" Latin-American literature. But in recent years a new generation of (primarily) female writers has emerged that requires a different, darker imagery to describe its (political) realities. In the new, encroaching magic realism of these authors, you won't find dreamy mazes but ghosts, voodoo, blood and horror. Gothic and horror elements are used by these writeres to strengthen stories and drag readers into the depths. What does this genre offer writers, and how does it affect readers?

    During this event, we talked to writers who bring nightmares to life in brilliant, literary ways. Argentinian authors Pola Oloixarac and Agustina Bazterrica are invited. Oloixarac's work sketches a reality that doesn't quite make sense with subtle, eerie imagery, and in her book Tender Is the Flesh, Bazterrica depicts a blood-curdling world in which cannibalism has become the norm. Writer and poet Yentl van Stokkum wrote a haunted summer poem especially for this event and performed it live. Author and enthusiastic horror fan Elfie Tromp moderated the event. Walid Ben Selim, half of the musical duo N3rdistan, was also there: he and Pola Oloixarac brought a musical performance.

    English spoken.

    Not familiar with the work of these two Argentinian literary sharpshooters? Some reading tips for those who want to familiarize themselves:

    • Mona by Pola Oloixarac
    • Savage Theories by Pola Oloixarac
    • Dark Constellations by Pola Oloixarac
    • Tender Is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica
  • Winternachten 2022 – Thursday Night Unlimited

    A Book to Call Home with Elfie Tromp

    Following up on the festival theme Whose House is This?, in A Book to Come Home to we asked one festival author the following question: which book brought you home? The answers could go in all directions. Perhaps the author chose a book that describes a house that feels like his/her own home, or a place where he/she wishes to live. But it could also be a book whose style of writing or manner of thinking makes the author feel at home. Or it could be the relief of finally reading a story in which the protagonist reflects his/her appearance. The program was a peek into the bookshelves as well as the soul of each author.

  • Haunted House - Binckfest

    Haunted House - Binckfest

    With: Elfie Tromp, Renee Rienties, Vampire Boyfriend

    BINCKFEST CANCELED due to extra measures against the coronavirus. We are exploring the possibility of presenting Haunted House at a later point in time. We will inform you by our newsletter and social media.

  • Winternachten 2019

    Words Become Meaning - Winternachten Edition

    With: Aafke Romeijn, Akwasi, Elfie Tromp, Elzahra Elkawafi, HemelBesem, Jennifer Muntslag, Mr. Winter, Quin Kempees, Roos Dickmann, Roza Lozica

    During this special Winternachten edition of Woorden Worden Zinnen at Paard we enjoyed performers, poetry, punchlines, music, exhibits, beer & bites in a feel-good setting. The lineup included storyteller and rapper Akwasi; writer and columnist Elfie Tromp; writer and singer-songwriter Aafke Romeijn; actress Roos Dickmann; rapper, radio host and writer HemelBesem from South Africa; and singer Roza Rozica. Plus: verses to take home by Quin Kempees, your favourite host JNM The Naked MC, and tasty tunes by DJ Winter.
    Woorden Worden Zinnen is a low-threshold platform and stage night for word art in the broadest sense. It takes place on and at stages and festivals throughout the Randstad and was founded in 2010 by spoken word artist Elten Kiene and literary organizer Wesley Loos.