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Widad Broco

Widad Broco - fotograaf: M.KAK 2022
Widad Broco - fotograaf: M.KAK 2022

(1983) was born in Morocco and has lived in the the city of Perpignan in the south of France since 2002. Together with Walid Ben Salim she forms the special musical duo N3rdistan. Inspired by everything from (ancient) Arabic poetry to Massive Attack and Portishead, this republic of nerds offers a wonderful mix of sometimes unsettling texts in English and Arabic, rap, electro, mysterious song and compelling rythms. She is seen as one of the first femal Arabic rappers. These pioneers of Moroccan hiphop and alternative music have performed in Morocco, France, Lebanon, Cape Verde, Dubai, Canada and Estonia. The first eponymous album appeared in 2019.

(WN 2022)

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  • Winternachten 2022 – Thursday Night Unlimited

    Who's Afraid of the Female Future?

    Dystopia and poetry - with Iman Mersal, Athena Farrokhzad, Ronelda S. Kamfer (online) and Widad Broco

    Dystopia: we know it primarily as an imaginary society with various grim features. A terrifying image of the future, and a rewarding starting point for literature, where speculative stories and science fiction have long since claimed their place. Who's Afraid of the Female Future? was not about "typical" dystopian genres, but dealt with the relationship between dystopia and poetry. Because is poetry not the ideal genre in which socially critical ideas and dreamworlds find their place?

    For women, daily reality can already feel dystopian. A grand, glamorous science-fiction tale is not necessary for a personal dystopia; poetry is the genre in which female poets feel at home. In this event you met Egyptian-Canadian poet Iman Mersal, Swedish-Iranian poet Athena Farrokhzad and South African poet Ronelda S. Kamfer (online). What is the relationship of these poets with "dystopia"? How do they imagine the future in their poetry? And is "the house" still a safe space in their dystopian-poetic world?

    An intimate event for poetry aficionados, with music by poet/performer Widad Broco, the first female rap artist of the Arabic world, also known for her part in the internationally successful electro-urban music group N3rdistan. Poet and programmer Nisrine Mbarki, who put together this event, defines "dystopia" in the following way: "I see dystopian images of the world as critical images, as alarm signals of what we humans fear. Dystopian images deserve attention and space because they represent a critical voice and can shake us awake. They are a form of commentary on our current society, which is based on the liberal and capitalist system of prosperity, and therefore also the exploitation of people and the earth. We had better listen closely to such commentary."

    English spoken.