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Trailer Slow Winternachten Festival 2021


Watch - free and on demand so whenever you want - on the Writers Unlimited website all the programmes, poems, short stories, interviews, spoken word and music performances of the online Winternachten international literature festival The Hague 2021!

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An addition to the #SoulCare-theme is an interview by Gerlinda Heywegen with writer Eva Meijer about depression, based on her book De grenzen van mijn taal (The limits of my language). The interview is Dutch spoken.

Recommended also: eight video poems made by Spot on Young Poets participants. Their personal images, poems and wishes portray a young generation that is struggling during the corona pandemic.

The five Winternachten festival programmes - live streamed from 13 - 17 January 2021 - are available for free viewing as well. Authors from home and abroad approach the festival theme It's Up to Us with creative energy. Additionally, find also the short, previously filmed, commissioned stories, essays and poems.

Watch, listen and read how our authors deploy literary power and activism for new angles on women's rights, climate injustice, self-care as protest and a planet in which non-human creatures and objects also have a voice.

Welcome to the Slow Winternachten festival 2021!