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Mignon Nusteling

Mignon Nusteling - foto: Brit Polls
Mignon Nusteling - foto: Brit Polls

(Dordrecht, 1991) is an artist and poet, but also known for her Instagram account @Mignonnus, where she unabashedly addresses topics such as art, autism, cyberbullying, sexuality and feminism. One of her missions is to make art accessible and she carries this out both on- and offline. In 2017 she published the illustrated collection of poems Zon- & Sodeflikstralen and in 2020 her personal city guide about Dordrecht: De Maaspiraat. She works autonomously, but also illustrates under the alias @StudioStout. The illustrations of Studio Stout are recognizable by their bright colours and black lines, and are made both freely and on commission. In 2021 she made an illustration for a poetic letter by Annemarie Ensor for the Winternachten festival programme Erfstukken (Heirlooms).

(WU 2021)

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