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Chika Unigwe

Chika Unigwe - foto Victor Ehikamenor
Chika Unigwe - foto Victor Ehikamenor

(Nigeria, 1974) is a Belgian writer of Nigerian descent. She lives in Turnhout and is married to a Belgian husband and has four children. She made her debut in 2005 with De feniks (The phoenix), a portrait of a young Nigerian woman in Belgium, who, after the death of her 5-year old son, struggles with feelings of depression and uprootedness. In her second novel she describes how four young Nigerian women end up in prostitution in Belgium through a human trafficker. In 2011 her third novel+ appeared, set in Nigeria. In it, a young woman, Mma, goes in search of her roots. Unigwe studied English language and literature in Nigeria. In November 2004 she obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Leyden with a thesis on women's literature in her country. In addition to novels she writes poetry, children's books, educational books and short stories. Mourning, illness and loneliness are recurring themes in her work. Her stories were broadcast by the BBC World Service, Radio Nigeria and other radio stations in the Commonwealth. She is active in municipal politics in Turnhout for the christian democratic Flemish party CD&V.

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