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Amahl Raphael Khouri in Tout-monde - #BackToEarth

'Can we think? Can we feel? Can we see?' - video reading (English spoken)


Can we think?
Can we feel?
Can we see?

The journalists want to know.
The scientists want to know.

Hear how healing herbs, flowers and plants wonder why for thousands of years no man has tested whether the plants listen to him. Hear yarrow, toothpickweed and white wormwood, among others, tell what they can cure.

At the request of Winternachten international literature festival The Hague, Jordanian author Amahl Raphael Khouri gave a voice to cherished 'non-humans'. A voice that is missing in our vision of the world and is of great added value. The reading of Khouri's story was filmed on location by Ahmed Al Saaty and shown for the first time in the programme #BackToEarth: Tout-monde, streamed live on Saturday 16 January 2021.

The image that we have of our world is purely human: a human-centred picture. It's up to us to give non-humans a voice and a stage. That's why in #BackToEarth: Tout-monde, the programme created by Nisrine Mbarki for the online Winternachten festival 2021, we gave the floor to the non-human elements of our world. It was an existentially poetic evening in which the world was experienced from a different, more complete, perspective.

Amahl Raphael Khouri (Jordan) is a queer, transgender playwright and theatre artist living and working in Berlin and Egypt. He has written plays such as No Matter Where I Go (2014), a performance about the experiences of queer women in Lebanon; Ich brauche meine Ruhe (I Need some Peace and Quiet, 2018) en She He Me (2019), the first Arabic trans theatre text. His work has been selected for various theatre initiatives and readings in the USA and Great Britain.