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Typhoon (uitsnede) - foto Herb Alfonso
Typhoon (uitsnede) - foto Herb Alfonso

(Zwolle, NL 1984) is Glenn de Randamie's rapper's name. Typhoon began at age fifteen in Rudeteens, together with his brother Blaxtar and Phreako Rico of Opgezwolle. Three years later the first tracks of his own appeared on Vet verse flows. In 2004 he won the Dutch Grand Prix in the category R&B and Hiphop. A year later he was making tracks for music channel The Box on themes as varied as the division of roles between men and women, homosexuality, religion, money, policies regarding immigrants, top-class sports, ideals and sex. Together with Yes-R he recorded the song Bedankt (Thanks). In 2007 his first solo album was released Tussen licht en lucht (Between light and air). He put his heart and soul into it: "I'm no rapper, call me an expert on experience", he said himself. He likes to explore his boundaries and there are traditional African and Eastern sounds and jazz influences in his music. In 2009 together with four rapper friends he founded the Fakkelbrigade, won the Silver Harp and made an EP with New Cool Collective.


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  • Winternachten 2016

    Writers' Fest

    With: Aad Meinderts, Adriaan van Dis, Anna Woltz, Annelies Verbeke, Dick van der Harst, Edward van de Vendel, Femke Halsema, Francis Broekhuijsen, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, Job Cohen, Joris Wijsmuller, Lamin Kuyateh, Michael Krüger, Rodaan Al Galidi, Typhoon

    A festive event built around the presentation of the Jan Campert Prizes, the literary awards of the City of The Hague. In collaboration with the Jan Campert Foundation and the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Dutch literature is celebrated with various performances by writers, poets, and representatives of other disciplines (who honour the winners). The event is intended, in part, to highlight the state of Dutch literature. The afternoon culminates in the presentation of the Constantijn Huygens Prize for a whole body of work, which this year is awarded to Adriaan van Dis, beloved author and a great friend of the festival since day one. In Dutch

  • Winternachten 2014 – FRIDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Call me, call me!

    'Name me, name me, speak to me, o, name me by my deepest name. For those I love, I want to be called,' Neeltje Maria Min wrote some fifty years ago in one of her most famous poems. The deep longing for love and confirmation is translated tonight in music and poetry by the poets Arie Boomsma introduces to us: the onrushing young debutante Kira Wuck, nominated for the C. Buddingh' Prize, the much-praised Alfred Schaffer, living in South Africa, the Dutch Iraqi poet Rodaan Al Galidi, who is perpetually in love and the nominees for the VSB Poetry prize Miriam Van hee and Antoinde de Kom. Interspersed with a magnificent performance by rapper/poet Typhoon. 

    Programme in cooperation with Poetry International and CPNB