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Haagse Hogeschool x Winternachten

Students of the Haagse Hogeschool interviewed Elfie Tromp about Pietà

Speakers' Corner Haagse Hogeschool
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Elfie Tromp is an all-rounder: she acts, hosts, dances, sings, and writes poetry and novels. Pietà is her third book. In it, Tromp combines current social issues with a compelling and exciting story about civic history under pressure. Protagonist Joshua (21) does little: he climbs into a statue and won't come out again. The colossal monument honours a controversial general. It is decided to remove it. Yet some people want it to remain at any cost. When the city begins the removal, the latter form a cordon around it. And then, suddenly, a boy climbs into the statue and remains there for days. Who is he? What does he want? And above all, when will he come down again? While the mayor, the media, the mother and the protesters try to respond appropriately to this strange new development, their various relationships come under strain.

Haagse Hogeschool students Matthijs Damsteeg and Sjaiesta Jahangier interviewed Tromp about this novel on 16 June 2022. Students and other visitors were very welcome to listen and discuss the social themes raised by the novel. The interview took place in the Speakers' Corner of the Haagse Hogeschool. Entry was free, but you had to reserve your spot. Dutch spoken.