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Annari van der Merwe

Annari van der Merwe tijdens Winternachten 2004 - foto Serge Ligtenber
Annari van der Merwe tijdens Winternachten 2004 - foto Serge Ligtenber

(South Africa) followed in the seventies a postgraduate study at the De Vooijs-Instituut in Utrecht. After that she returned to Capetown where she became an editor of children's books at Tafelberg Publishers. Nowadays she is a publisher of Kwela Books, a small publishing house in the Nasboek Conglomerate. Since 1994 she publishes work of contemporary South African writers. South African literature is a better reflection of the whole population. Van der Merwe is a member of various boards, amongst others at Book Development Trust of South Africa. In 2003 she was invited for the third time by the Frankfurter Buchmesse, as part of the programme for small publishing houses from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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  • Verkiezing van het mooiste Afrikaanstalige gedicht aller tijden!

    The most beautiful Afrikaans language poem of all time!

    With: Annari van der Merwe, Anne van Veen, Etienne van Heerden, Marita van der Vyver, Robert Dorsman, Sonja Loots, Tineke de Nooij, Toef Jaeger

    Afrikaans poetry has a rich tradition: from Antjie Krog to Ingrid Jonker, from Breyten Breytenbach to Elisabeth Eybers. Much of their poetry has appeared in a Dutch translation, for example in the anthology 'De Afrikaanse poëzie in 1000 en enige gedichten', edited by Gerrit Komrij. But what can be more beautiful than hearing the original poems in the melodious and poetic Afrikaans language, recited by South African writers? Etienne van Heerden, Sonja Loots, Kirby van der Merwe and Marita van der Vyver are touring the Netherlands and will read their favourite poem during this evening and explain why they think it's beautiful. There will also be a representative of the South African government to read president Zuma's favourite poem.

    In addition we have other guests with a predilection for Afrikaans language and poetry. Robert Dorsman translates poetry and prose from Afrikaans into Dutch. The Dutch novelist Richard de Nooy grew up in South Africa. Tineke de Nooij, a radio and television celebrity, is a great fan of the land and the language and will share her favourite poem. Singer and theatre artist Anne van Veen (the daughter of Herman van Veen) sings South African poems. The audience to this event also plays a role. They have the final say when, at the close of the evening, they vote for the most beautiful Afrikaans language poem of all time. The event is hosted by NRC editor and expert on South African literature Toef Jaeger.

    Organised by Writers Unlimited in cooperation with the Afrikaans novel ( week.

    Language: Afrikaans and Dutch
    Books on sale at the Paagman bookshop in the venue.

    Centrale Bibliotheek, Spui 68, Studio B (1st floor)

    Admission: €10 for members of Bibliotheek Den Haag and €6 for CJP, students, clients with a Paagman cash register slip and Ooievaarspas.
    Please book in advance, use the link on the top of this page.

  • Winternachten 2004 – Claiming Artistic Freedom

    Hivos: main debate

    The presentator reports on the individual events and enters into discussion with the artists about some of the various themes that have arisen from these events. Finally each participant gives a personal recommendation to the Dutch relief organizations.

  • Winternachten 2004 – Claiming Artistic Freedom

    Hivos: Minderheidstalen in Zuid-Afrika