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Alejandra Ortiz

Alejandra Ortiz - foto Stijn de Vries
Alejandra Ortiz - foto Stijn de Vries

is a trans woman refugee from Mexico who fled transphobia and violence. In The Netherlands she works toward a better life for trans persons, and especially for trans persons of colour -- with or without papers. She has established a language centre, organized symposiums and co-authored research reports, all to improve the position of trans refugees. She received the 2023 Winq Community Award for her work. Ortiz wrote the autobiographical De waarheid zal me bevrijden (The Truth Will Free Me, 2022) about her youth, her life as a transgender woman, her quest for a safe place to be herself, and her asylum application process in The Netherlands. It was selected as one of ten Dutch rainbow-books, and was nominated for the Opzij Literatuurprijs 2023.


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  • Writers Unlimited 2024 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Book of My Life with Alejandra Ortiz

    Writers tell us about their favourite book: the book that inspires or touches them, that set their artistic, moral or intellectual compass. In short, the book they would recommend to everyone. Interview: Abdelkader Benali.

    Alejandra Ortiz chose as favourite book We the Living by Ayn Rand. First published in 1936, it portrays the impact of the Russian Revolution on three human beings who demand the right to live their own lives and pursue their own happiness.

  • Writers Unlimited 2024 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Where to Belong

    Where do we belong? One of the most fundamental questions of humanity. A question writers have been asking themselves for years. The many different answers to this are an important part of our literature and heritage.

    We found the perfect authors to reflect on this big question: Alejandra Ortiz and Aminatta Forna. Where to Belong is a theme that returns in various ways in their publications, books and essays, and touches on important themes such as identity, gender and migration.

    Alejandra Ortiz and Aminatta Forna wrote down their thoughts on this subject in advance and presented their stories during the event. An interactive talk followed, led by host Shantie Singh.