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Willem Schinkel

Willem Schinkel - foto Evelien Kums
Willem Schinkel - foto Evelien Kums

(Kampen, 1976) is a sociologist and a well-read essayist at NRC and Groene because of his often unorthodox views on politics and society. Schinkel works at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In his De nieuwe democratie, naar andere vormen van politiek (The New Democracy, towards Other Forms of Politics, 2012) he argues that democracy is in fact not a democracy because it lacks fundamental differences of opinion about the organisation of society. His Politieke stenogrammen (Political Stenograms, 2019) provides ammunition for anyone who wants to combat right-wing views on themes such as climate, economy and racism; his notes are a call for a different way of thinking and a different way of dealing with each other and with our earth. In De hamsteraar (The Hoarder, 2020) he shows how dangerous the 'efficiency' of logistical capitalism is and how the empty shelves at the start of the COVID-19 crisis can initiate a different way of life.

(WN 2021)

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