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Willem - cartoon Willem
Willem - cartoon Willem

(pseudonym of Bernard Holtrop, 1941) is a cartoonist. Holtrop lives in France, where he is known for his sharp political drawings, which appear daily in the leftwing newspaper Libération. Having worked as a cartoonist in France for over thirty years, he still supplies weekly political cartoons to HP/De Tijd. In addition, the weekly Vrij Nederland publishes his cartoons on a regular basis. After art school in Arnhem and Den Bosch Holtrop made cartoons for various magazines, including the student magazine Propria Cures. In the 1960s he became the in-house cartoonist for the magazine Provo. In 1966 a cartoon in which queen Juliana prostituted herself caused a scandal. Between 1993 and 2002 he travelled to among others the Ivory Coast, the Baltic states, New Hampshire, Moscow and Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, where he wrote and drew diary-like reports, commissioned by Libération (see his book Razende Reporter - Raging Reporter, 2002). In France he was honoured with the 'Medaille d'Honneur'. In Holland he recieved the Stripschapprijs for his entire oeuvre (2000) as well as the Inktpotprijs (2006, 2007).


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  • Winternachten 2008 – Winternachten vrijdagavond

    Ghost Writing

    In this opening programme two well-matched authors perform: Flemish writer Dimitri Verhulst and Egyptian writer Ahmad al-Aidi. The speed in their prose is breathtaking, the use of language direct and the humour disturbingly sharp. For Winternachten they each wrote a story in which they respond to existing images of fear of 'the Arab' and 'the westerner' respectively. After no doubt a beguiling read by the two, Nelleke Noordervliet will talk to them about literary intimidation and the limits they draw themselves. Famous cartoonist Willem (Le Monde, HP/De Tijd, Vrij Nederland) reacts with pencil on the stories. Ahmad al-Aidi's novel 'I am Abbaas al-Abd' will be presented. In English.