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(1993) is a writer from Smibsaland: The Amsterdam Bijlmer district. As a member of the artist collective and platform Smib Worldwide, he published the in-house Smibanese Woordenboek (Smibanese Dictionary) about Bijlmer street lingo. (Bijlmer's nickname is Bims, or Smib when written backwards.) It is the foundation of Nether-hop and actually a dialect of Dutch street language. Soortkill, which means "type of guy" in Smibanese, wrote the following: "As soon as there are rules, it's no longer street language. Street lingo is free. It's always changing; you can't actually make a book out of it." And yet the Smibanese Woordenboek 2.0 is coming out, an expanded edition that also delves into the history of the Bijlmer. Soortkill also set up the Smibanese University, a "fictitious hip hop school" and development centre that aims to teach youth via books, magazines and podcasts. He also gives lectures and works at the Amsterdam Public Library on his own mediatheque comprising more than 400 books.

(WN 2020)

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  • Winternachten 2020 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    National Quiz of New Dutch

    Now that the Smibanese Dictionary 2.0 of street language has been published, Writers Unlimited is hosting the National Quiz of New Dutch! Come and test your knowledge of New Dutch, which has influences of Turkish, Sranantongo, Papiamento, English and Berber.

    Just in case we can't figure it out, we've invited a fantastic panel of experts to explain it all, chosen by Soortkill - the compiler of the Smibanese Dictionary and an active member of the SMIB Collective. They include cabaretière, actress and columnist Funda Müjde; writers, teacher and creator of the Berber library Asis Aynan; and cabaretier, singer, actor and presenter Jörgen Raymann. All under the guidance of former news anchor, actress, writer and now quizmistress Noraly Beyer.