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Marion Bloem

Marion Bloem - foto Ivan Wolffers
Marion Bloem - foto Ivan Wolffers

(Arnhem, 1952) became well-known with Geen gewoon Indisch meisje (Not an ordinary East-Indies girl, 1983) and Vaders van betekenis (Fathers of significance, 1989), novels in which women go in search of their East Indies past. Bloem herself is the daughter of East Indies parents who, after Indonesian independence, migrated to the Netherlands. In 1993 she received the E. du Perron Award. In 2010 her poem Geen requiem (No requiem) appeared on the occasion of 65 years of liberation. In it she tells how Dutch East Indies people had to hide their past in order to build an existence here. "Our parents remained silent and put their past in cabin trunks in the attic. Unlocked. The keys roamed about in dreams. Or emerged somehow, suddenly", she writes. Bloem studied clinical psychology and is active as a psychologist. The conversations she had with men and the cancer of the prostate her husband suffered from some years ago laid the basis for her latest book Meer dan mannelijk (More than manly), in which she explores how men are driven by the testosteron in their bodies. Bloem also made various films, she paints and in addition to novels and poems writes novellas, short stories, and children's books.

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