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Lieke Marsman

Lieke Marsman
Lieke Marsman

(1990) won a poetry competition at age seventeen and made her debut in 2008 in the literary magazine Tirade. In 2010 her first volume of poetry Wat ik mijzelf graag voorhoud (What I practise myself) appeared. 'A remarkably mature and convincing debut', was the judgement of the jury of the Liegend Konijn (Lying Rabbit), which awarded her a prize. At the same time she was awarded the Buddingh' Prize. The jury compared her poems with 'unpredictably meandering streams, whirlpools and linguistic agitation, giving you a glimpse of the formidable fish jumping in and out of the water'. Previously she had received the Lucy B. and C. W. van der Hoogt Award for the same volume. Her poem Oerknal (Big Bang) was translated into all the 23 official languages of the European Union. In her debut she shows her strength especially in rhythm and repetition. With humour, absurdism, a touch of selfmockery and light melancholy she paints daily scenes and events. She is on the board of Tirade and early 2014 her second book of poetry will be published.

(WU 2014 GR)

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