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Johnny Scharbaay

(Aruba, 1966) is a musician and music-producers. Hij studied at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam and the Utrecht school for the Arts. In the Netherlands he participated in several jazz, latin and pop music bands. He also played in the 'Amsterdam Symphonic Orchestra' and during several jazz and latin festivals in the Netherlands. Three times he performed for the Dutch Queen Beatrix and the crownprince Willem-Alexander, and once for Prince Albert of Monaco. He is now producer and recording engineer at his Capricorn Recording Studio. Since 1996 Scharbaay is a pianoteacher at the Aruba Music School. As a pianist, arranger and performer he takes part in events in Aruba and abroad.
WIN 2005

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  • Antillen/Aruba 2005

    Crusa Lama - Aruba

    With: Belén Kock-Marchena, Clark Accord, Diana Ferrus, Drisana Deborah Jack, Gerrit Komrij, Jessica van der Linden, Johnny Scharbaay, Myra Römer, Olga Zaandam-Buckley, Putu Wijaya

    A programme with literature and music from Indonesia, the Netherlands, South-Africa, Suriname, Saint Martin, Curaçao and Aruba, with MC Mirto Laclé. Six authors travel from island to island in these weeks, for the festival Crossing the Seas. This evening they perform with their Aruban fellow-poets Olga Zaandam-Buckley and Belén Kock-Marchena. The Dutch former 'Dichter des Vaderlands (inoffical 'poet laureate') Gerrit Komrij will perform his poems. One of the main writers from Indonesia, Putu Wijaya, wil read one of his wonderful stories. The Dutch/Surinamese novelist Clark Accord - known through his debut-novel De Koningin van Paramaribo (The Queen of Paramaribo) - wil read from his latest novel Tussen Apoera en Oreala (Between Apoera and Oreala). Poet Diana Ferrus comes from Cape Town. She became known through her poem on Saartje Baartman, the  'Hottentot-Venus', a black South-African woman who in the 19th century was forced to travel through Europe as a kermiss-attraction. Myra Römer, born in Curaçao, now lives in The Netherlands. Early she a surprising writers' debut with Verhalen van Fita (Stories of Fita), about a girl growing up in Curaçao in the fifties. Drisana Deborah Jack is a poet from Saint Martin.  All foreign authors will read in their mother tongue, while their text is simultaneously projected on a screen in Papiamento, the language of Aruba. There is also music in the programme, by the Aruban musician  Johnny Scharbaay.