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Ger Beukenkamp

Ger Beukenkamp
Ger Beukenkamp

(1946) confesses to a deep-rooted fascination with the Dutch royal family. 'Our stories are more beautiful than those of the English royals. Certainly those coming from the 19th century, which tend to be forgotten,' he said when his history play De Troon (The Throne) was televised in March 2010. Beukenkamp has written some one hundred scripts for the theatre, film and television. Most recently Majesteit (Majesty), a feature film with Carine Crutzen as Queen Beatrix. His tv-drama De Kroon (The Crown) about theZorreguieta affair won him a Golden Calf in 2005. Beukenkamp was recipient of numerous other awards, including the Lira prize, the Prix d'Italia and another four Golden Calf nominations. In 2003 Beukenkamp published De verborgen schrijver (The hidden writer), which was updated and published again in 2009. This handbook goes into writing dialogue, the struggle between form and content and is interspersed with real-life anecdotes. Beukenkamp teaches at the Scriptschool, the Dutch Film Academy, the University of Utrecht and the Theaterschool Amsterdam.

(nov 2010)

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  • Winternachten 2011 – Winternacht 2

    Literature: The Great Whitewasher

    The writers Nazmiye Oral, Ernest van der Kwast and Ger Beukenkamp all write about family; Oral especially in her columns, Van der Kwast in his novel Mama Tandoori and Beukenkamp in scripts like De Kroon (The Crown) and Den Uyl en de affaire Lockheed. (Den Uyl and the Lockheed Affair). Oral's latest novel revolves around forgiveness, among other things. Scriptwriter and playwright Ger Beukenkamp likes to play political and constitutional dramas down to recognizable dilemmas of faithfulness, loyalty and love between spouses and their children. Asis Aynan will ask the writers about the whitewashing of (family) histories with literature and other forms of narration. Can writing be a form of forgiveness? In Dutch.