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Erik Lindner

Erik Lindner - foto Gerald Zörner
Erik Lindner - foto Gerald Zörner

(The Hague, 1968) began to recite poetry at age fourteen, often working together with musicians. Fourteen years later his first book of poems appeared, Tramontane. Two more anthologies were to follow: Tongen Trede (Tongues Stair 2000) and Tafel (Table, 2004). If he doesn't write, he organises literary meetings, teaches literature (among others at the Rietveldacademie) or makes travel or literary programmes for VPRO (among others from Poetry International and Crossing Border). In 2003 he collected a French anthology of 33 Dutch poets and in 2007 a book of poetry by himself appeared in a French translation, Terrain. Lindner reviews literature for several magazines and has a weekly poetry column on

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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 2

    Wintercafé 1: Who's Afraid of Youth

    This first our in the Wintercafé starts with a performance by saxophone player and composer Maarten Ornstein and Joshua Samson (percussion). Ornstein composed music to poetry that he read, but never heard. In the first of a series of three performances this evening, Maarten Ornstein meets poet Erik Lindner.
    After this, pupils from two secondary schools in The Hague climb the stage and recite poems they've written. In the last few months poet Erik Lindner came to their classes and read poetry with them. Tonight Lindner reads with pupils from Lyceum Ypenburg and Dalton College Voorburg. Host: Sanna Andréa-Dia. In Dutch.