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Annet Schaap

Annet Schaap
Annet Schaap

(Echteld, 1965) had illustrated about 200 children's books, including the work of Francine Oomen, Jacques Vriens and Janneke Schotveld, when she wrote her first children's book Lampje (Little Lamp) in 2017. It won the Nienke van Hichtum Prize, the first time it was awarded to a debut. From 1996 to 1999 she studied at the writer's school 't Colofon and wrote YA plays, songs and the libretto for a children's opera. After not having written for a long time, she won the 2015 Willem Wilmink Poetry Prize with Marianne. Lampje is an impressive 328-page adventure story about the daughter of a one-legged lighthouse keeper. When everything goes wrong after a terrible storm, Lampje is taken away from her home. Schaap clearly owes a debt to Hans Christian Andersen, Paul Biegel, Astrid Lindgren, J.K. Rowling and many others. She is a born storyteller with a clear message: freedom lies mainly in the acceptance of individuality, peculiarity and fallibility.


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  • Winternachten 2018

    Writers Fest

    With: Aad Meinderts, Alejandra Theus, Annet Schaap, Arie Storm, Carmien Michels, Cyrille Offermans, Ernst Reijseger, Hans Tentije, Hassnae Bouazza, Herman Van Goethem, Jeroen Olyslaegers, Joris Wijsmuller, Kay Sleking, Marije Langelaar, Paula Golunska, Uri Eugenio

    A festive program moderated by Hassnae Bouazza and built around the presentation of the Jan Campert Prizes, the literary awards of the City of The Hague. We celebrate Dutch literature with a variety of performances by writers, poets and musicians.

    Belgian author and poet Carmien Michels opened Writers Fest 2018 by reciting one of her poems. Then Arie Storm, novelist and critic, offered his take on 'The State of Dutch Literature'.

    Before Joris Wijsmuller, alderman for civic development, living, sustainability and culture with the City of The Hague, handed out the prizes to the winners, the audience determined which of the three nominated high schoolers will win the Young Campert Prize for a young poet from The Hague. The students presented their own poems, written during poetry worshops at school.

    Marije Langelaar (1978) received the Jan Campert Prize for her poetry collection Vonkt! (Sparks!) Her laudation was performed by dancer and choreographer Uri Eugenio, known for his appearances with Scapino and LeineRoebana and in So You Think You Can Dance.

    Jeroen Olyslaegers (1967) received the F. Bordewijk Prize for his novel WIL. He was honoured by historian, jurist, lecturer and rector of the University of Antwerp Herman Van Goethem and noted actress Alejandra Theus, who performed an excerpt from WIL.

    The Nienke van Hichtum Prize 2017 was awarded to Annet Schaap (1965) for Lampje (Little Lamp); she was serenated by tango guitarist and contrabassist Kay Sleking.

    The afternoon culminated with the awarding of the Constantijn Huygens Prize to Hans Tentije for his entire poetic works. Tentije was musically honoured by cellist Ernst Reijseger and essayist Cyrille Offermans made a celebratory speech.

    This event is a collaboration between Winternachten festival, the Jan Campert Foundation / Literatuurmuseum. Program in Dutch.