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Meet & Greet Bejan Matur in Theater Concordia

Theater Concordia
Toegang is gratis. Reserveren via - Theater Concordia, Hogezand 42, Den Haag
Bejan Matur - foto Selahattin Sevi
Bejan Matur - foto Selahattin Sevi

An informal meeting with this important poet and columnist of Kurdish descent, organised in cooperation with Stichting Mooi. Bejan will talk about her work, and there is ample opportunity for questions. The meeting will be in Kurdish and Turkish. Bejan has written a great deal about the plight of the Kurds.  She was the first to publish the personal stories and traumas of Kurdish fighters. She also wrote a portrait of Diyarbakir, the 3000 year-old Kurdish capital. As a columnist for the English language newspaper Zaman Matur regularly writes about the Kurdish cause. She chairs the Diyarbakır Cultural Art Foundation. She conducts social projects for women, children and adolescents and makes tv programmes about culture, art and politics. Since the publication of her first collection of poetry  in 1996, Rüzgâr Dolu Konaklar (Wind-Filled Mansions) she has created her own mythology - inspired by age-old Sufi traditions from her native region. Meanwhile she has six collections of poetry to her name and an anthology of poems she translated herself. Her work has been translated into seventeen languages.