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Youri Straatman

Youri Straatman - foto: Merel Trouwborst
Youri Straatman - foto: Merel Trouwborst

is a hairdresser and better known as De Mattenkoning (King of the Mat, the archetypical Hague hair style). 'Friesland, Zeeland, Germany, you name it': from far and wide, people come to Kinki Kappers Noordeinde in The Hague to have their mat taken care of by Youri. 'It's just a natural talent that's in me.' The sides and top short, the ears free and at the back 'let it freely flutter': Youri knows better than anyone how to cut the mat.


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  • Writers Unlimited 2024 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Writers Unlimited Festival Café

    Here, at the beating heart of the Writers Unlimited festival, you could encounter one another over a drink. Or meet authors for a chat or a book signing. At the Radio Writers Unlimited-table, host and DJ Francis Broekhuijsen played tunes and gets into conversations on air. In the Poetry Poly, Gerda Blees wrote poem for you on the spot. The bookshop of De Vries Van Stockum, fully stocked with books by festival authors, was open all evening.

    Extra, and only tonight: barber Youri Straatman AKA The Hague's 'mattenkoning' (re)cut your mat for free: side and top short, ears free and backside nicely long and flowing. The rebellious Hague hairstyle is experiencing a come-back, and Youri - salon manager and allurnd hair stylist at Kinki Kappers on Noordeinde - is cutting well-known The Hague, including members of pop groups Goldband and Son Mieux.

    Meet & Greet at the bookshop:
    Meeting with authors for a chat or book signing!