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Vany Hooi

Vany Hooi
Vany Hooi

is panel host and an entrepreneur in the financial and fiscal areas. She works, on a voluntary basis, for five foundations as chair or treasurer. Vany is Chair of the Separate Past, Joint Future Tula Working Group, which organizes activities around Tula Day in Rotterdam. On 17 August 1795, the slave Tula and his fellow slaves stopped working on the Knip plantation and confronted their 'owner' Caspar Lodewijk. It was the start of the Curacao slave rebellion. Nowadays Tula Day - or Dia di Tula - is still celebrated, with the aim of inspiring young and old: "Come and listen to the story, know the story and the history and find the same strength as Tula, who demanded justice. Even though he did not succeed, the message behind the story is "get up, stand up" and do the right thing for yourself to get the most out of life."

(WN 2020)

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  • Winternachten 2020

    A Free Mind, Caribbean Style!

    With: Guiselle Martha, Junadry Leocaria, Tipiko Den Haag, Vany Hooi, Walter Palm

    In the Ypenburg Public Library, we take you on a journey through music, dance and poetry from the Caribbean. A program to whirl you away, plus food for contemplation. The Curacaoan poets and thinkers Walter Palm and Guiselle Martha will appear; the band Tipiko Den Haag lets you experience just how addictive Caribbean rhythms are; and dancers such as Junadry Leocaria invite you onto the dance floor!

    The theme of this edition of the Winternachten Festival is A Free Mind. Programme maker Julian Starink: "But what does that actually mean? Just how free are our thoughts? What can we learn from the Caribbean region?"

    Via poems and spoken-word, Walter Palm and Guiselle Martha will introduce you to a region in which cultures have come into contact - both voluntarily and involuntarily. You'll be swept up in the incredible diversity of musical styles from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, as played by Tipiko Den Haag. And Junadry Leocaria will show you that music isn't only meant to be listened to: the dance floor will beckon!