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Trevor Steele Taylor

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  • Winternachten 1999 – Winternacht 1

    Recent South-African films

    Trevor Steel Taylor introduced recent fims from South-Africa. In three venues in the Filmhuis a programme was shown, composed by the late James Polley. With :
    The Man who drove Nelson Mandela: (Greta Schiller, Engeland/VS/Holland/South-Africa 1998 colorr 35mm 80 min., niet ondertiteld). Documentary on the political activist and theatre director Cecil Williams, who made a failed attempt to smuggle Nelson Mandela into South-Africa.
    Jump the Gun:(Les Blair, South-Africa 1996, kleur 35mm, 124 min.). The new South-Africa seen through the eyes of a white labourer and a black woman.
    Vision from the Edge. Breyten Breytenbach painting the Lines. (Mary Stephen, 1998, colour 16 mm, 54 min.) Six panels, painted poems, are the background for a tapestry of sounds and images; texts about literature and painting, thoughts about Zen and memories to the country of his birth South-Africa, and places where poet and painter Breyten Breytenbach lived in exile since 1959.