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Tijl Nuyts

Tijl Nuyts - foto: Koen Broos
Tijl Nuyts - foto: Koen Broos

(1993) researches mysticism and modern identities at the University of Antwerp. He published poetry, short stories and essays in magazines Het Liegend Konijn, Tirade, Deus Ex Machina, DW B, Streven, Awater en His debut collection Anagrammen van een blote keizer (Anagrams of a nude emperor) was nominated in 2017 for the C. Buddingh' Award. He is a poetry editor of literary magazine Kluger Hans.

(WN 2019)

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  • Winternachten 2019 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Artificial ignorance: Digital Failure

    In order to protect ourselves, Radbout professor Martha Larson pleads for artificial ignorance: some data must be deliberately overlooked in IT. Eight authors made Larson's idea the starting point of their performance. They looked at technology in a different, creative way. What does technology reveal about its inventor? Also, the smart thermostat, the pacemaker and Google Maps may help us, but do they also define us? And what is the value of a digital error or failure?