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Tanja Fraai

Tanja Fraai - foto Fred Vloo
Tanja Fraai - foto Fred Vloo

(Bussum, 1971) is a radio and television producer with Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (the Dutch World Service). She studied Spanish language and literature and specialised in Caribbean literature. Fraai grew up in a multicultural family. Her father is Antillian and her mother was born in the Dutch East Indies.

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  • Winternachten 2009 – Winternachten zaterdagavond

    Poets of the memory - Suriname/Antilles

    mud of Suriname
    sticking to the soles of my feet
    still leaving traces behind
    on the shiny tile paving
    of Holland

    Writes the Hindustani-Surinamese poet and musician Raj Mohan. In the programme Poets of the Memory fourpoets shared the stage with evocations of the past. They write about native soil, about the land they live in and about the land of the ancestors. Also with the Surinamese grand old poet Shrinivási, performing artist and poet Gilda Dannarag and the Curaçaon poet and visual artist Philip Rademaker. It turned out to be an hour full of enchanting poetry and candid conversations about forgotten stories and possible truths. Host: Tanja Fraai.