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Robert Vuijsje

Robert Vuijsje - foto Bob Bronshoff
Robert Vuijsje - foto Bob Bronshoff

(Amsterdam, 1970) is a Dutch journalist and writer. His debut, the novel Alleen maar nette mensen (Only Decent People, 2008) was a big success with some 200,000 copies sold. This twice awarded comedy of manners about a Jewish boy in search of an intellectual black girlfriend, is being adapted for the screen and will be released in the Netherlands in 2012. In the years that followed his debut Vuijsje travelled the world, from Paramaribo and Recife to Memphis and Frankfurt. He reported about his travels weekly in the newspaper Het Parool. Those columns were compiled in In het Wild, and complemented with other work, such as reports of his encounters with Desi Bouterse, Carice van Houten, Jesse Jackson, Bret Easton Ellis, Job Cohen and the cast of a Hungarian pornfilm. Vuijsje studied Sociology and American Studies at the University of Amsterdam. from 1997 to 2007 he worked as a journalist for Nieuwe Revu. In 2007 he started writing for the daily paper De Pers. Robert Vuijsje is the son of journalist Bert Vuijsje.

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