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Nadia Bouras

Nadia Bouras
Nadia Bouras

(Amsterdam, NL 1981) studied history at the Free University in Amsterdam. She worked as as researcher with the International Information Centre for the Women's Movement, charting Moroccan-Dutch women's history. On that subject she did her Master's: The migration of Moroccan women to the Netherlands, 1967-1980. For the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the treaty enabling the mass migration of Moroccans to the Netherlands she wrote the book Marokkanen in Nederland, pioniers vertellen, (Moroccans in the Netherlands, Pioneers Tell Their Stories) with Annemarie Cottaar en Fatiha Laouikili. In 2012 her Ph.D. thesis appeared: Het Land van Herkomst, Perspectieven op verbondenheid met Marokko, 1960-2010 (The Country of Origin, Perspectives on Alliance with Morocco, 1960-2010), a tryptich shedding light on Dutch and Moroccan government policy and the influence of Moroccan organisations as well as telling the stories of the migrants themselves. Her membership of an advisory organ of King Mohammed VI led to some controversy. Bouras was a guest in tv shows such as the popular late night talkshow Pauw & Witteman, Een Vandaag en the Dutch Muslim Channel.

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