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Majid Bekkas

Majid Bekkas - foto Ton Maas
Majid Bekkas - foto Ton Maas

was born and raised in Salé, Morocco. Master Ba Houmane taught gnawa-music to him. In the way the blues reached her way to America through the "Black Atlantic", in the same way sought Gnawa her way through the Sub-Sahara to North Africa. Gnawa followed the slavery route, which was used by the Moroccans after they captured Timbuktu. "Blues and Gnaw share the same history, they are like brothers who share the same mother: black Africa". His ideas about music reveal as big knowledge of music styles, but he melts them in a masterly way with contemporary music.

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  • Winternachten 2007 – WINTERNACHT 1

    Gnawa Blues with Majid Bekkas

    Majid Bekkas performs gnawa blues. Just like the blues found its final destination in America, gnawa found its way to North Africa through sub-Saharan Africa. "Blues and gnawa share the same history, they are like brothers who have only one mother: black Africa." Majid Bekkas succeeds in blending the old musical values of gnawa skilfully with contemporary music. Majid Bekkas played the guinbri, guitar and ud, accompanied by percussionist Abdelfettah Houssaini.