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Lambert Giebels

Lambert Giebels - Winternachten 2002 - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Lambert Giebels - Winternachten 2002 - foto Serge Ligtenberg

(Helmond 1935) is a lawyer, as well as political scientist. He has worked in The Netherlands and Indonesia, as a planner. He was a member of parliament for the PvdA, the Dutch social democratic party, during the Den Uyl years. In 1987 he published the collection of stories Taboe op Bali (Taboo on Bali). He got his doctoral degree with the biography Beel. Van vazal tot onderkoning (Beel. From vassal to viceroy, 1985). In 1997, Speer. Hitler's Faust was published, in which he describes he crucial period in the life of Albert Speer. He wrote the first biography of Sukarno, consisting of two parts: 1 Soekarno. Nederlands onderdaan. Een biografie 1901-1950 (Sukarno. Dutch Citizen. A biography 1901-1950 appeared in 1999 en 2 Soekarno. President. Een biografie 1950-1970 in 2001. The publication of the first part in Indonesia took place in Jakarta, August 2001. The second part is being translated.
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  • Winternachten 2002 – Winternacht 1


    Sukarno is hot! Even his daughter has become president. His biography was published in Jakarta in 2001. It was written by a Dutchman no less, author Lambert Giebels. He talked about his findings with journalist Ed van Westerloo, who had the only Dutch tv-interview with Sukarno ever, and with Remco Raben, a researcher of the history of Indonesia in the fifties. In this program, some unique film footage of Sukarno was presented as well. Dutch spoken.