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K.R. Sing

K.R. Sing
K.R. Sing

K.R. Sing is the pseudonym of Stanley Raghoebarsing (Paramaribo, 1956), a well-known Surinamese politician of the Progressive Reform Party. He studied economics in Tilburg and he was from 2000 to 2010 minister in Suriname.


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  • K.R. Sing en Karin Amatmoekrim

    K.R. Sing en Karin Amatmoekrim

    With: K.R. Sing, Karin Amatmoekrim, Noraly Beyer

    K.R. Sing's Uit de klei van Saramacca tells a Surinamese-Hindustani family history and was the starting point for a conversation with writers K.R. Sing and Karin Amatmoekrim (ao Knipperleven, Unless the father). They both deschribe the history of Suriname from a Surinamese perspective. With Sing and Amatmoekrim, Noraly Beyer looked at the history of Suriname, in particular the region of Saramacca, where their two roots lie and investigates how the past resounds in the present, and how you are shaped by your roots and history.