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Jeroen Vullings

Jeroen Vullings
Jeroen Vullings

(Haarlem, 1962) studied Dutch language and literature at Amsterdam University. He has worked for the magazine Vrij Nederland since 1993 as an edtor and literary critic. Published numerous essays on literature and is at present preparing a biography of the Dutch journalist H.J.A. Hofland.


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  • Winternachten 1999 – Winternacht 2

    Surinamese and Papiamentu anthologies

    Jeroen Vullings presented a programme with two anthologists. Michiel van Kempen, editor of an anthology of Surinamese literature, talked to Aart Broek, editor of a recently published anthology of Papiamentu literature. Broek introduced three Antillian authors: Gibi Bacilio, a poet and performer form Curaçao, accompanied by percussionist Xavier Cordoba; Frank Martinus Arion (Curaçao) and the Dutch Aruban writer Denis Henriquez. Michiel van Kempen introduced Antoine de Kom and Jit Narain, from Suriname.