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Inge Schilperoord

Inge Schilperoord
Inge Schilperoord

(1973) won the Bronze Owl for Muidhond in October 2015. This debut novel about a young pedophile named Jonathan received many four- and five-star reviews in the press. The protagonist is acquitted of a sexual offence with a child due to insufficient evidence. He moves in with his asthmatic, religious mother, determined to stay on a righteous path. He diligently does the exercises prescribed by a prison psychologist in preparation for rehabilitation treatment. But then he meets the ten-year-old girl next door, who keeps seeking out his company... "Inge Schilperoord is stylistically strong and writes with empathy but also with control. The story is both cruel and beautiful," wrote Elsevier magazine. English, Italian and French translation rights have since been sold. Schilperoord works as a forensic psychologist at the Pieter Baan Centrum and other institutions, and writes for NRC Handelsblad as well as Psychologie and Crossing Border magazines.


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  • Winternachten 2016

    VPRO's O.V.T. Live

    With: Adriaan van Dis, Eva Vriend, Florejan Verschueren, Helmut Lotti, Inge Schilperoord, Jos Palm, Kristien Hemmerechts, Nelleke Noordervliet, Paul van der Gaag, Rodaan Al Galidi

    One of Radio 1's most popular programmes is VPRO's O.V.T. Every Sunday morning, the focus is on the contemporary significance of historic events. It's become a tradition for the producers to move to The Hague during the festival, this time broadcasting live from the cozy lobby of Theater aan het Spui. Count on appearances by festival guests Adriaan van Dis and Rodaan Al Galidi. Flemish singer Helmut Lotti will perform, and of course Nelleke Noordervliet will deliver her spoken column. The hosts are Paul van der Gaag and Jos Palm. The public is welcome and admission is free - but be sure to reserve your spot via

  • Winternachten 2016 – Friday Night Unlimited

    The Text of my Life: Inge Schilperoord

    In Filmhuis Studio A the festival's guest writers present their favourite literary texts and explain why a particular poem, novel excerpt, or song lyric influenced their life and work. Which memory, what feeling does this text call up for them? A continuous interview programme, in which the audience also talks with the writers. Hosted by Arjan Peters. In Dutch

  • Winternachten 2016 – Friday Night Unlimited

    The writer as accomplice

    Writers like to give bad guys their say. In her debut novel Muidhond, shortlisted for the ECI Literature Prize, forensic psychologist Inge Schilperoord knows how to generate sympathy for Jonathan, a convicted pedophile. In Alles verandert (Everything Changes), which plays a virtuostic game with John Coetzee's novel Disgrace, Kristien Hemmerechts gives voice to Iris, who has inappopriate sexual contact with a student but shifts from offender to victim. Are Schilperoord and Hemmerechts accomplices to the unconscionable deeds of their characters?