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Hugo Wapperom

Hugo Wapperom
Hugo Wapperom

is a writer and (clinical) psychologist. He also studied chemical engineering. He completed the learning therapy training of the Nederlandse Vereniging Groeps Psychotherapie as well as the SIOO-course (Management of changes in organisations) in Utrecht. He managed professional teams of both trainers and management consultants. In 2011 he published the novel De spinvlieg (The Spin Fly).
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  • Winternachten 2012 – Winternacht 1

    Extaze - debutants from The Hague

    Cor Gout of the The Hague liiterary magazine Extaze selected six debutants, who read from their own work: Ronnie Krepel, Gertrude Kunze, Nina Roos, Murat Tuncel, Theo van der Wacht and Hugo Wapperom. Host: Paul van der Gaag. Dutch spoken.