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Daniel Cornelissen en Simon Heijmans (HartenJagers)
Daniel Cornelissen en Simon Heijmans (HartenJagers)

is the name of a group of young theatremakers founded by Lykele Muus and Wouter Zweers. Their performance Wij Vieren (The four of us; Fringe festival 2011) was the first step in a long walk past theatre, film, musical and cabaret: accessible high quality stage art. Audiences always have to know what they're watching and be able to recognize themselves in the characters. The material - which they write themselves for the most part - is based on their own fears and desires. In each production they wonder first and foremost: what dreams do we ourselves dream? What are our fears? The answer to those questions forms the starting-point of the shows. In addition HartenJagers monthly organises the try-out stage Mondov for new and/or selfmade material by young stage artists in the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam. During the festival the short piece Hartstuk is played by Daniel Cornelissen and Simon Heijmans.

(WU 2014 GR)

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  • Winternachten 2014 – SATURDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Can I put my heart at your feet?

    Writers plunge into the world of sweet words, rapture and temptation. But, as Elisabeth Bennet remarked in Pride and Prejudice: 'If it's only a vague inclination, I'm convinced a poor sonnet will kill it stone dead.' An evening about the best phrases of seduction in literature, the most successful practical examples of the power of the word in the field of romantic love and words capable of eradicating an awakening love root and branch. And Hartstuk by Heiner Müller, one of the shortest plays in the history of the theatre, brought to you by the young group of theatre makers HartenJagers. In Dutch.