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Frits Abrahams

Frits Abrahams - foto Margriet Stikkelbroeck
Frits Abrahams - foto Margriet Stikkelbroeck

(Nijmegen, 1946) is a renowned columnist for NRC Handelsblad. Many readers start with the back page of the paper, where Abrahams has had his own niche for eleven years, entitled Dag door de weeks (A day in the week). Writers like Maarten 't Hart, Ronald Giphart and Jan Mulder are fans of his. Abrahams regularly finds his inspiration in what he hears daily on terraces and in restaurants in his beloved Amsterdam. But he also writes emphatically and with self-mockery about personal subjects. In his columns he likes to elaborate on family affairs and has done that so often that for many NRC readers he has almost become a member of the family. His columns have been collected in among others Familie, wat moet je ermee? (Family, what to do with them?) Barre dagen, Liefde en ander leed (Hard days, love and assorted misery) and Mijn vader vond het mooi geweest (My dad had had enough). Other books include Ben je onze trouwdag vergeten? (Have you forgotten our wedding day?) and the successful Katten & ander gespuis (Cats and assorted rabble).

(nov 2010)

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  • Winternachten 2011

    NRC Reading Club Live

    With: Elsbeth Etty, Frits Abrahams, Pieter Steinz, Sanneke van Hassel

    In this 6th edition of the successful series NRC Reading Club Live columnists and NRC editors Elsbeth Etty, Frits Abrahams and writer Sanneke van Hassel together and with the audience read Haruki Murakami's collection of short stories Blind willow, sleeping woman. Editor of NRC Handelsblad's book pages Pieter Steinz leads the conversation.

    The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami has an outspoken readership. His multitude of fans can't hear a word of criticism about him. His critics find him greatly overrated. Now that the translation of his trilogy1q84is published part by part that discussion has flared up. The personally phrased, yet highly critical review by Pieter Steinz in NRC Handelsblad for example aroused many disappointed reactions. High time to ask the question: is Murakami a classic in his lifetime or is it time to take the scales off the eyes of the fans? In Dutch.

    Read the book and join the debate! Murakami's collected short stories can be ordered from NRC Handelsblad's webshop.