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Frank Zichem

Frank Zichem - foto Frank Zichem
Frank Zichem - foto Frank Zichem

(Paramaribo, 1945) studied at the Dutch Film & Television School and made both documentaries and television drama. One of his first productions was a series of portraits on workers in the Dutch steel industry. Since then he has made a great number of programmes on social subjects, from the work pressure behind the scenes in the soap Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, to a portrait of Louise de Montel, talking about her concentration camp past for the first time. From the beginning Zichem also made documentaries about his native Suriname. In 1990, 1994 en 1995 RVU and NPS broadcast several documentaries of his on the social, economic and political situation in Suriname. Since 1999 he has made a series of programmes on the slavery past of Suriname and Ghana for RVU and Teleac.


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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 2

    Film: Dirty laundry, clean hands

    The Surinamese documentary maker Frank Zichem has never been afraid to expose controversial themes or wash the dirty linen in public. He has made an impressive number of documentaries, about the economic situation in the completely bankrupt Surinam (Maandi, 1994), on the slavery past in Surinam and Ghana (Katibo Ye Ye, 2003), about trade union leader Louis Doedel (1998) who in 1937 was put in a psychiatric asylum by the colonial government, and on Anton de Kom (We slaves of Surinam, 1999). Tonight Winternachten shows a selection from Zichem's work and journalist Bert Jansma talks to the maker about the dilemma of Dirty laundry, clean hands. Following this there is a programme in de kleine zaal on the same dilemma with Sandew Hira, Junot Diaz and Kettly Mars. In Dutch