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Ensemble Multifoon

Ensemble Multifoon, Sinta Wullur - Winternachten 2002 - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Ensemble Multifoon, Sinta Wullur - Winternachten 2002 - foto Serge Ligtenberg

performs new compositions written for the chromatic gamelan, combined with western instruments. The set of instruments was purchased through the initiative of ensemble leader Sinta Wullur. The Ensemble Multifoon consists of professional musicians with gamelan experience, and musicians/leaders from Dutch gamelan groups Widosari and Tirta. They performed on several stages in The Netherlands and abroad, in concerts with traditional Javan/Balinese gamelan and concerts with contemporary gamelan music.
WN 2001

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  • Winternachten 2002 – Winternacht 1

    Contemporary Gamelan

    Sundanese lovesongs, translated by Hella Haasse, and contemporary composition for chromatic gamelan, bass clarinet, violin and voice. Ensemble Multifoon uses gamelan instruments in a chromatic (western) tuning, thereby making it possible to play along with western musical instruments. Not only Sundanese love songs, but also the Lament of Leloba, Malaysian Pantuns and Gundul Pacul (arrangement) were performed. In the second part: Sinta Wullurs Baliade and Lingkaran, the Kyrie (1500) by Pierre de la Rue (arrangement) and Renadi Santoso's Bilocation.
    Mary Oliver: violin, Hans Witteman, bass clarinet/clarinet, and on the chromatic gamelan Rob Broek, Elsje Plantema, Michel Ponsioen, Jan Rokus van Roosendael, Renadi Santoso, Sinta Wullur (vocals).

  • Winternachten 1999 – Winternacht 1

    Music from East to West

    In all venues there were concerts. Ensemble Multifoon played a chromatic gamelan, with which they played contemporary western repertory. In the theater foyer the Trio Klaus Kuiper played. The South-African/Dutch band Lemombo played in the main theatre venue.