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DJ Polyesta

DJ Polyesta - foto Elad Friedberg
DJ Polyesta - foto Elad Friedberg

fuses ethnic music and modern electronics into a unique danceable cocktail. With her music Esta tries to break through the frontiers of various musical traditions. Her love for travel can be found in her musical choice, from funky hiphop from Cuba, via catchy African rhythms and Indian music to traditional klezmer from East Europe. Once a month, on Fridays, she plays for Amsterdam Concertzender in the Solta a Franga Show. She performed on Lowlands, the Amsterdam Roots Festival and Ruigoord Landjuweel as well as playing in the Melkweg, Paradiso and Noorderlicht.


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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 2

    Foyer programme: music by DJ Polyesta - booksigning sessions in the bookshop

    During her travels to remote parts Esta Goossens aka DJ Polyesta got to know music from all corners of the world. She literally and figuratively trespasses boundaries to make the music that appeals to herself and her audience. "I don't like borders. Borders between styles in music, borders of states, borders between people. It is my wish to cross borders and to take people on a journey around the world." A musical world trip in the Winternachten foyer.

    21.05-21.35: Petina Gappah
    22.05-22.35: Junot Diaz, Antjie Krog, Christine Otten
    23.55-00.15: Jonathan Safran Foer