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DJ Gringo

is originally a salsa dj. He has earned his reputation as Resident DJ in the Tropen Theater in Amsterdam with the nights Dansen in Marmer (Dancing in marble). He performed in Club Qbanas in Istanbul, Club Arena in Amsterdam, at the Amsterdam Roots Festival, in the Melkweg and many more international parties. With salsa you can expect to hear Arabic and Latin sounds coming from his turntable.

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  • Winternachten 2006 – WINTERNACHT 2

    Foyer: poetry doctor, DJ and bookshop

    Leafing through the books of your latest favorite writer, chat with other visitors, ponder about your own satirical poem, or do nothing at all. All this is possible in the foyer of Theater aan het Spui. D.J. Gringo plays quiet, African dance and latin music. The poetry doctor writes out prescriptions, on the assumption that words can be healing and with a syringe she takes a 'truth serum' out of an ampoule and injects this onto the patients tongue. The first word that the patient utters she uses to compose an epigram. The bar is open for drinks and delicious snacks.