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Dina Medina - cabocubajazz - foto Claudine Grin
Dina Medina - cabocubajazz - foto Claudine Grin

brings a surprising mix of Cuban rhythms and melancholic Cape Verde music, which arose from a mix of Portuguese fado and the music of descendants of West African slaves. Cabocubajazz is an initiative of Nils Fischer of Nueva Manteca who brought together two Cuban and two Cape Verde friends. Cape Verde Dina Medina and Carlos Matos respectively sing and play the piano, while Cubans Dennis Nicles and Armando Vidal play double bass and drums. Nils Fischer does percussion. Their music leads to a warm new sound, with jazzy influences.

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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 2

    Music: Cabocuba jazz

    If you listen carefully to music from the Cape Verde islands then you'll hear resonances of Portuguese fado and West African folk music. The bitter history of slaves and colonists clenched into music. Cabocuba jazz mixes this historic nostalgia with sweeping Cuban rhythms.