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Brian Elstak

Brian Elstak - mounir Raji
Brian Elstak - mounir Raji

(Zaanstad, 1980) is a visual artist. author and illustrator of children's books and graphic novels, and also creates music videos, paintings, t-shirts and installations. For his stories he uses a visual language that refers to pop culture and social issues. November 2022, Das Mag will publish Lobi with new adventures of the human children Cel, Bones and Zi, known and loved from his books Tori (2017. written with Karin Amatmoekrim) and Trobi (2018. like Lobi written with Esther Duysker). Raised on Marvel Comics and hip-hop, he developed into a true storyteller through theatre. In doing so, he likes to seek collaboration. Underneath his cheerful, dynamic drawing style are big themes, such as inequality and black awareness.

(WU 2022)

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  • De kracht van kinderboeken

    The power of children's books

    With: Brian Elstak, Edward van de Vendel, Jellie Brouwer

    Through reading, children learn to relax, dream away and gain knowledge. Writers Unlimited presented Wednesday 12 October 2022 in the Writers Series during Kinderboekenweek (Children's Books Week, 5-12 october 2022), for an adult audience, a probing conversation with two great children's book authors: Edward van de Vendel and Brian Elstak. How do they look at their work and especially their societal role? What is the impact of their books and how do their experiences differ?

    Edward van de Vendel has written many book and poems for children and young adults, such as Vosje (Little Fox), his Tycho and Oliver series, the book Gloei (Glow) with stories by lhbtiqa+ youngsters and the Zilveren Griffel en Bronzen Penseel 2022 award-winning Rekenen voor je leven (Calculating for your life). Certainly also irresistible is his Wat je moet doen als je over een nijlpaard struikelt: gedichten waar je wat aan hebt (What to do if you trip over a hippopotamus: useful poems), with illustrations by Martijn van der Linden.

    Brian Elstak is a visual artist, graphic novelist and illustrator of children's books. For his stories, music videos and arts installations, he uses a visual language that refers to hip-hop culture, video games and social issues. November 2022 sees the publication of Lobi, featuring new adventures of Cel, Bones and Zi, known and loved from his books Tori (written with Karin Amatmoekrim) and Trobi (like Lobi, written with Esther Duysker). Brian participated 2022 in Documenta 15 with The Black Archives and founded the artist collective Lowrey Foley McClane.

    Moderator and journalist Jellie Brouwer, known among other things as presenter and interviewer of the national radio network NPO programme Kunststof, knows better than anyone else how to ask the right question at the right time!

    Programme compiled by Joëlle Koorneef (Writers Unlimited).
    Book sale: De Vries Van Stockum Boeken.

    Addres info Zaal 3: De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A, Den Haag