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Boy Dap

Boy Dap - foto Prince Victor
Boy Dap - foto Prince Victor

is a singer, composer and text writer on Curaçao. He has been elected tumbaking of Curaçao ten times.

Archive available for: Boy Dap

  • Antillen/Aruba 2007

    Krusa Laman - Teatro Luna Blou Curaçao

    With: Boy Dap, Erich Zielinski, Gabeba Baderoon, Jennifer Martis, Jit Narain, Jopi Hart, Mario Kleinmoedig, Nukila Amal, Ramsey Nasr

    An evening with prose readings, storytelling, poetry, interviews and music. With Gabeba Baderoon from South Africa, Ramsey Nasr from The Netherlands, writer Nukila Amal from Indonesia, poet Jit Narain from Suriname, and from Curaçao performer/musician Boy Dap, writers Jopi Hart and Erich Zielinski and actress Jennifer Martis. Mario Kleinmoedig hosts the evening. Part of the evening is a discussion with the authors on globalization: 'Writing at the Crossroads of Globalization and National Context'.

  • Antillen/Aruba 2007

    Krusa Laman - Villa Maria Curaçao

    With: Boy Dap, Gabeba Baderoon, Izaline Calister, Jit Narain, Nukila Amal, Ramsey Nasr, Roland Colastica, Sonia Garmers

    An evening with storytelling, music and poetry by Gabeba Baderoon from South Africa, Ramsey Nasr from The Netherlands, Jit Narain from Suriname and Nukila Amal from Indonesia. From Curaçao there will be performances of singer/composer Boy Dap, novelists and poets Sonia Garmers and Joseph (Jopi) Hart, novelist Erich Zielinski and the actress and performer Jennifer Martis. The Curaçao/Dutch singer Izaline Calister sings stories put to music from Curaçao and The Netherlands. She will be accompanied by the percussionist Pernell Luciano Saturnino from Curaçao and the Dutch guitarist Edvard Verhoef. Actor and writer Roland Colastica from Curaçao is the MC of this multifacetted literary and musical evening.