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Beatrijs Ritsema

Beatrijs Ritsema
Beatrijs Ritsema

(1954) in her column Modern Ways in Trouw discusses everyday problems such as: When does talking change into gossiping? How do you tell someone he smells? Does my child have to use the polite form of address 'u'? Etiquette specialist and social psychologist Beatrijs Ritsema knows what to do with this these and provides readers of Trouw with advice on rules and tricks to make the life of others easier and more pleasant. Ritsema has written various books on good manners in love, the family, work and between friends and acquaintances. Apart from Trouw she regularly publishes in other media including HP De Tijd and NRC Handelsblad. Frequently she can be seen on tv as a specialist in good manners.


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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 2

    Wintercafe 3: New Etiquettes, please!

    It is back again! Etiquette! As if it had never gone. The shops offer us a wide range of books that answer questions on how to pick up or put down your fork or knife, how to court a person, and when to sit down or stand up. Etiquette expert Beatrijs Ritsema explains how you pass a real Dutch six course dinner. This crash course is accompanied by a tasteful Moroccan version. Esma Abouzahra lets you taste the rules of the Moroccan meal in word and action. It is up to you to select the ingredients from this hodge-podge of rules. Enjoy the meal! Host: Sanna Andréa-Dia. At the end of this hour there is a performance by saxophonist and composer Maarten Ornstein and Joshua Samson (percussion). Ornstein composed music to texts of the Lebanese writer Iman Humaydan. Programme in Dutch.