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Albertina Soepboer

Albertina Soepboer - foto Serge Ligtenberg 2000
Albertina Soepboer - foto Serge Ligtenberg 2000

(Holwerd, 1969) made her debut in 1995 with a collection of poems Gearslach, written in Friesian. Her first collection of poems in Dutch is entitled De hengstenvrouw (The stallion woman) (1997), this is a translation and adaption of the collections Gearslach and De twirre vn de tijd (1997). Being multilingual is an importan theme in her poetry. Another important theme in her work is landscape, such as the Frisian mud flats where she grew up, but her travels in Spain, Ireland, Scotland and Morocco also play a part. Music and her own drawings and paintings influence her writing as well. Recent works are the collections De dieptering (2001) and Het nachtland/De knotwilg (2003). Besides writing poetry Albertina Soepboer writes prose and plays and works as an editor and teacher.
WIN 2005

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  • Winternachten 2005 – WINTERNACHT 2

    Poetry programme: Dirty Harry and the police dog

    Do you feel lucky, punk? These famous words immediately bring an image to mind. Onno Kosters, who made his debut in 2004, turns these words into a poem. Poems inspired by photo's, tv images or comic books: Menno Wigman wrote poems inspired by old police photo's, Wim Brands wrote a poem on Tintin and Albertina Soepboer transformed her landscape photo's into poems. The poets will recite some of their work and will reveil their sources of inspiration.

    Dutch spoken

  • Winternachten 2001 – Winternacht 1

    Performing Poets

    Lasana M. Sekou is a poet from the Isle of St Maarten. He has a clear message on the history of slavery and forced migration. Together with Dutch performing poets Mustafa Stitou, Ruben van Gogh and Albertina Soepboer the theme of migration was further elaborated on. The South African poet Koos Kombuis put his poems to music. Swinging verse, combined with guitar music, performed in the theatre's foyer. In this same venue there was a performance of poet Jan Kees van de Werk. Hij read from his recent book De Vissenvrouw. The programme in this venue was presented by Basil Appollis. With his Capetonian coloured humour he also performed his own stand-up comedy.