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Wintercafe 4: The Cloud / TG Space Audiotour

Winternacht 2 -
Petra Ardai
Petra Ardai

In The Cloud theatre group Space takes the audience to the year 2060 in order to look back to the past from there. It is fifty years after the Revolution took place and the current Utopian society achieved its form. In the course of time people have forgotten their history gradually and have gotten so used to the good and harmonious life in the year 2060, that they hardly appreciate it. Is there the danger of a catastrophe?
Petra Ardai and Luc van Loo guide the audience through an open air exhibition in their own town where nothing is what it seems. Future mixes with present and past. For this special audiotour, the audience is equipped with headphones. In The Cloud, Space combines sound material recorded in advance with live interventions and interviews with passers-by. In Dutch.